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Bienvenue, Welcome!

Greetings to you from Meta Vacances: inward journeys/alfresco fun in the heart of the French countryside – the Dordogne and Lot to be exact.

Meta, from the Greek, means transformation, and our goal is to transform your vacation experiences.

Think about this. Have you always dreamed of visiting France? Maybe you already consider yourself a Francophile. Either way, to understand a culture is to live it, from the inside out, slowly, not by looking into a fishbowl, but by swimming in it!

Our program is simple. We want you to get the most out of your vacation, to be open to new experiences and to see things differently. To begin each day, we practice yoga and meditation. Through these two healthful practices, we become more centered and focused, attuned to our senses and infinitely more relaxed. We limber our minds through meditation (sitting) and our bodies through our poses (asanas). Later, whether we hike, go to a town market, canoe down the Dordogne, or partake of any of our special programs, we do so with a fresh perspective, more alert and more mindful. We slow down the inner pace, yet experience more around us!

No need to be a yogi to come along. Perhaps you already practice yoga and meditation, but if not, no matter. Now is the time to jump in and give yourself a lasting gift and an inspired vacation. We do the planning. You bring your curiosity and enthusiasm.

Meta Vacances is honored to bring you an insightful, highly experienced group of leaders who practice what they teach. Through their personal support, our group members (programs run between 6-12 participants per workshop) receive individualized attention. Whether a seasoned practitioner or a complete novice, you benefit from significant one-on-one support. As an added plus, we all share a passion for France, one we hope to pass on to you!

This is more than a yoga retreat. We are after all, in France, and in a richly endowed area considered by many French to be the country’s most beautiful. Known for its gastronomy and well preserved historic sites, this stunning region exudes a real sweetness from its landscape, its welcoming people and its abundant bounty of wine, cheese, truffles, walnuts and fresh fruits. You will find yourself absorbed in its long history evident in cave paintings, reminders of the Hundred Years War and the many chateaux, castles and bastide towns that dot this verdant landscape. And there is no shortage of outdoor activities, whether you want to embrace the French love of cycling, explore 300 km of marked hiking trails, see the countryside on horseback, or the rivers in a canoe (please see a more complete list on our Regional Attractions page).

Organized activity and serendipitous free time. We will provide organized activity, but there will also be plenty of free time to explore at your leisure. If you enjoy your own independence, we advise that you rent a car. We are happy to offer suggestions for rental companies, and for the easiest and most efficient travel arrangements on how to ramble in the greater area.

Join us on a meaningful French adventure. Check out the specifics under Programs. Please feel free to contact us for further information. We are here to help and inspire.

We promise you will never pack your bag the same way again!